Apr 2, 2022 • 17M

Hello and welcome to what was Runaway Brain, now ADHD Lighthouse - Audio Version

Let me explain why, and what will be changing. It is the same, but different.

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Embracing ADHD and empowering ourselves with knowledge, compassion and understanding. ADHD does not mean you are broken, you are just different. And that is just fine! From Niamh Shields, a writer with ADHD and a background in Physiology.
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This is the companion audio version of the ADHD Lighthouse ADHD newsletter (which used to be Runaway Brain).

Hello from ADHD Lighthouse and welcome back to Runaway Brain subscribers!

It’s Niamh here, from what was the ADHD newsletter Runaway Brain. It is still an ADHD newsletter, it’s just now it is called ADHD Lighthouse, and I will explain why.

As a means of reintroducing myself, I am a writer and I have ADHD. I was diagnosed in my 40s after a lifetime of struggle, and as I have learned to understand the full gamut of what that means for me, I have been sharing that with you.

In this podcast I narrate the latest newsletter which introduces ADHD Lighthouse, and the new subscription model.

You can read the newsletter here: